Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nerdy Weaknesses

   Nerds are quite possibly the most powerful beings in the known universe. We are the ones who know everything and are good at everything that matters. We can quote every (good) movie and we are the ones the non-nerdy always come to for help. Whether that be getting you through a hard level of a video game, fixing your blue screened laptop, or reworking the global economy. But do not think us gods we have our weaknesses OH YES we have our weaknesses.  Many in the nerd community may be angered with the fact that I will be giving them away now, but my intent is not to insight a war between the weak and the nerdy but to show that we are but humans as well and that those of us who are not nerdy need not fear us.

  First and most importantly we are weak willed, show us a variant cover for a book we already own and have read 30 times and you bet your sweet ass we'll by 30 copies. We may not have money for bills but we have money for the most recent video game blockbuster that's coming out (special edition of course). We know we shouldn't spend hours on end playing Minecraft, especially with that term paper due, but how do you expect us to stop? Give us anything we can fawn over and you could lead us right off a cliff like a Disney made slaughter.

  Among our lesser known weaknesses is anything Japanese, I can't speak for all nerds but many obsess about the land of the rising sun.  From their video games and cartoons to their women and robots. You dress a Japanese girl as...anything really and most nerd men will not only melt but can then easily be manipulated into doing just about anything. Another of our weaknesses is eye of newt but I won't get into that now. That is just a few of our weaknesses I can go on about our need for approval or our fear of pretty, self-confident people but that is commonly known. With this knowledge I hope to bridge the gap between nerds and the nerdless. We are not better than you we just do it better.

Nerds do it better- The Smoking Nerd(2011)

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