Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Think I'm a Nerd but How Can I Know for Sure?

   I recently wrote a post that illustrated the steps to become a nerd and I hear it has saved the lives of many. But what if you already suspect you are a nerd and you're just not sure how to tell? Well you sir or madam are in luck, let the almighty nerd illuminate your inner desire to purchase pseudo futuristic technology and obsess over the needs of your cat named Battle Cat.

   The most obvious of places to start is to see what makes you giddy like a prepubescent school girl who notices her breasts are starting to come in. (I recently saw Bridesmaids so i feel I am qualified to comment on such things.) Is it the new issue of the walking dead that just came out or are you eagerly awaiting the premier of Capt. America? If seeing commercials for video games sparks similar emotions to the first time you saw a puppy chances are you're pretty nerdy.

   The next clue is nerd rage, every nerd has been there and this sudden eruption of Klingon like wraith is generally started by the same thing. Someone getting something wrong or mixing things up about something you nerd out over. For instance I want to punch every stupid mouth that has every called the main character from the Legend of Zelda games, Zelda. Zelda is the princess he saves! His name is Link! LIIIINK!!!!!...or if someone were to say star wars but what they really meant was star trek is also a pet peeve for many. If you ever found yourself about to strangle someone over their ignorance of pop culture chances are you're pretty nerdy.

   If you naturally have a disposition against over working your body or doing anything that doesn't gratify you immediately chances are you're a nerd. Fear not however, we are a wise and powerful people and trust me, we do it better.

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  1. Bumblebee, of course! And I call it GOOD news. Nerds seem to be de riguer right now. Fly your nerd flag high!